The Dhammapada is among the best-known and most-loved of Buddhist texts.  It is the second book of the Khuddaka Nikāya of the Suttanta Pitaka.  It consists of 423 verses (in 26 chapters) spoken by the Buddha on 300 different occasions throughout his 45 years of teaching the Dhamma.

Many students of the Dhamma usually memorize stanzas from the Dhammapada. From the famous opening verse of ‘Mano pubbangamā dhammā’ – mind is the forerunner of all states, to the ringing echoes of ‘Appamādo amatapadam’ – heedfulness is the Path to the Deathless, the Dhammapada has taught and inspired many generations of Buddhists in their quest for Truth.

Erudite monks often quote the Dhammapada in their sermons. It is also common to base an entire sermon on one of its stanzas. The Dhammapada is truly worthy of veneration, and thus explains its ensuing popularity. We hope you will enjoy learning these insightful verses. May the Dhammapada’s melodious verses resonate throughout your entire journey on the Path towards Liberation.