The Path to Liberation


The entire teaching of the Buddha is geared towards a single purpose – liberation from Samsara, that ceaseless cycle of death and rebirth in various realms of existence, depending on one’s kamma.  It is truly difficult for beings to escape from this cycle of existence (v. 86 : maccudheyyam suduttaram), unless of course, one acts according to the  Buddha’s well-preached doctrine of personal development.

Liberation (vimutti) is the emancipation (of the mind) from suffering.  Thus one has to understand the distinct importance of mental cultivation.  The mind is extremely subtle and difficult to control; but disciplining our minds will bring about great happiness.  For that, we need to work diligently and unceasingly, for little by little we become calmer and mentally purified.  Ultimately, we have to walk this Path towards Liberation ourselves, as no other being can purify us, nor can we purify others  (v.165 : n’añño aññam visodhaye).

In this selection of ten verses of the Dhammapada from seven chapters, we aim to understand better what it takes to gain us freedom and the bliss of Nibbāna.  It is mentioned that better than living a century of indulgence and indolence, is to live just one day full of energetic striving.  Let that be from today.