Yamaka Vagga (The Twin Verses)

Verse 5 & 6

Na hi verena verāni
sammantī’dha kudācanam
Averena ca sammanti
esa dhammo sanantano
Hatreds never cease through hatred
(in this world);
through love alone they cease.
This is an eternal law.

Pare ca na vijānanti
mayamettha yamāmase
Ye ca tattha vijānanti
tato sammanti medhagā

Others know not that (in this quarrel)
we perish;
those who realize this,
have their quarrels calmed thereby.
na not

verena by hatred

verāni hatred

sammanti idha thus is appeased, allayed, ceased

na … kudācanam never

averena without hatred, unhateful, (= love)

sammanti appeased, allayed, calmed

esa this is

dhammo law

sanantano eternal

pare others

na (do) not

vijānanti understand, know, realize

mayam-ettha we (certainly will)

yamāmase perish, die

tattha then; from the time

tato from this; thereupon

medhagā quarrels