Parabhava Sutta

Verse 1 & 2

Parābhavantam purisam
Mayam pucchāma Gotama
Bhagavantam putthumāgamma
Kim parābhavato mukham
Having come here with our questions to
the Blessed One, we ask thee, O Gotama,
about man's decline. 
Pray, tell us the cause of one’s downfall!

Suvijāno bhavam hoti
Suvijāno parābhavo
Dhammakāmo bhavam hoti
Dhammadessī parābhavo

Easily known is the progressive one,
easily known is the declining one. 
One who loves the Dhamma progresses;
one who hates the Dhamma declines.
parābhavantam downfall, decline

purisam man(‘s)

mayam we

pucchāma ask; question

Gotama The Buddha’s family name [ Sanskrit: Gautama ]

Bhagavantam (to the) Buddha; Blessed One

putthum [ Inf. of pucchati ] to ask, question

āgamma to have come

kim whatever, what (is)

parābhavato downfall, decline

mukham cause of; reason for

suvijāno Easily known

bhavam grow, progress

hoti is

parābhavo decline

Dhamma the noble and righteous way

kāmo [ Adj. + ] desiring; striving after; pursuing

dessī dislike, hate, find disagreeable