Parabhava Sutta

Verse 15 & 16

Iti hetam vijānāma
Sattamo so parābhavo
Atthamam Bhagavā brūhi
Kim parābhavato mukham
This we learn
is the seventh cause of one’s downfall.   
Pray, O Blessed One,
tell us the eighth cause of one’s downfall.

Itthidhutto surādhutto
Akkhadhutto ca yo naro
Laddham laddham vināseti
Tam parābhavato mukham

The man who is a womanizer,
a drunkard, a gambler, and
one who squanders whatever he possesses –
this is the cause of one’s downfall.
sattamo the seventh

atthamam eighth

itthidhutto addicted to women, womanizer

surādhutto addicted to intoxicants

akkhadhutto addicted to gambling

naro man

laddham what has been received, possessions

vināseti to cause destruction, to ruin