Parabhava Sutta

Verse 19 & 20

Iti hetam vijānāma
Navamo so parābhavo
Dasamam Bhagavā brūhi
Kim parābhavato mukham
This we learn
is the ninth cause of one’s downfall. 
Pray, O Blessed One,
tell us the tenth cause of one’s downfall.

Atīta yobbano poso
Āneti timbarutthanim
Tassā issā na supati
Tam parābhavato mukham

The man who has past his youth
takes a very young wife,
and cannot sleep due to jealousy for her –
this is the cause of one’s downfall.
navamo the ninth

dasamam tenth

atīta gone past

yobbano youth

poso [ = purisa ] man

āneti bring back, procure

timbarutthanim [ Figuratively ] a young woman, girl

tassā he

issā (due to) jealousy

na supati cannot sleep