Parabhava Sutta

Verse 21 & 22

Iti hetam vijānāma
Dasamo so parābhavo

Ekādasamam Bhagavā brūhi

Kim parābhavato mukham
This we learn
is the tenth cause of one’s downfall. 
Pray, O Blessed One, tell us the eleventh cause of one’s downfall.

Itthi sondim vikiranim
Purisam vāpi tādisam
Issariyasmim thāpeti
Tam parābhavato mukham

He who places in authority
a woman given to drinking and squandering,
or a man of similar nature –
this is the cause of one’s downfall.
dasamo the tenth

ekādasamam eleventh

Itthi woman

sondim addicted to drinking

vikiranim [ Lit. “to scatter about” ] squander

tādisam such like, of such a quality

issariyasmim mastership, placing in authority

thāpeti burns out, destroys