Parabhava Sutta

Verse 3 & 4

Iti hetam vijānāma
Pathamo so parābhavo
Dutiyam Bhagavā brūhi
Kim parābhavato mukham
This we learn
is the first cause of one’s downfall. 
Pray, O Blessed One,
tell us the second cause of one’s downfall.

Asantassa piyā honti
Sante na kurute piyam
Asatam dhammam roceti
Tam parābhavato mukham

The wicked ones are agreeable to him,
in the virtuous he finds nothing pleasing,
he favours the teachings of the foolish ones –
this is the cause of one’s downfall.
Iti Thus

hetam [ = hi etam ] indeed

vijānāma (we) understand

pathamo the first

dutiyam second

Bhagava Blessed One

brūhi tell; teach; reveal; explain

asanta the wicked, foolish, non-virtuous

piyā dear, agreeable, friendly (to)

sante the good, true (people)

na not (with)

kurute piyam endearing, pleasing

dhammam teachings

roceti to be pleased with, to consent with

tam this is