Metta Sutta

Benefits of Metta

“If, O Bhikkhus, the liberation of the mind through loving-kindness is practised, developed, made much of, made one’s vehicle and foundation, firmly established, consolidated, and thoroughly undertaken, eleven benefits are to be expected.

What eleven?

1.  One sleeps in comfort;
2.  One wakes in comfort;
3.  One has no bad dreams;
4.  One is dear to human beings;
5.  One is dear to non-human beings;
6.  One is protected by deities;
7.  One is not harmed by fire, poison and weapon;
8.  One can concentrate easily;
9.  One’s facial complexion is calm and serene;
10. One dies unconfused;
11. If one does not attain anything higher, one will be reborn in the Brahma world after       death.”