Bāla Vagga (Fools)

Verse 63

Yo bālo maññati bālyam
pandito vāpi tena so
Bālo ca panditamānī
sa ve bālo’ti vuccati
The fool who knows that he is a fool
is a wise man for that reason;
the fool who thinks that he is wise
is called a fool indeed.
yo he

bālo the fool

maññati knows

bālyam (his) folly, ignorance

pandito wise

vāpi and also (for that reason)

tena so he is

panditamānī thinks that he is wise

sa ve he is indeed

bālo’ti “a fool”

vuccati so called

Two thieves entered the monastery with intention to steal. While one stole valuables from devotees, the other paid attention to the Buddha’s sermon and realized the Dhamma.