Bāla Vagga (Fools)

Verse 71

Na hi pāpam katam kammam
sajju khīram ’va muccati
Dahantam bālamanveti
bhasmacchanno’va pāvako
Verily, an evil deed committed 
does not bear fruit (immediately),
just as milk curdles not at once;
smouldering, it follows the fool like fire covered with ashes.
na not

pāpam evil, unwholesome

katam committed, performed

kammam deed, action

sajju instantly

khīram milk

muccati coagulate, curdle

dahantam [ from dahati ] burn

bāla fool

anveti follows

bhasma ashes

bhasmacchanna covered by ashes

pāvaka fire

A farmer set fire to a monastery where a Pacceka Buddha lived. Consequently he was reborn as a miserable spirit.