Bāla Vagga (Fools)

Verse 66

Caranti bālā dummedhā
amitten’eva attanā
Karontā pāpakam kammam
yam hoti katukapphalam
Fools of little wit move about with
themselves as their own enemies,
doing evil deeds
which bear bitter fruit.
caranti going about, walking

bālā [ pl. ]   fools, ignorant ones

dummedhā of little wit, unwise

amitta foe, enemy

attana oneself

karontā doing, performing

pāpakam evil, unwholesome

kammam deed, action

yam of which

hoti is

katuka bitter

phalam fruit

Suppabuddha in his previous life had done unwholesome deeds that resulted in him being a poor man and leper.