Pandita Vagga (The Wise)

Verse 76

Nidhīnam’va pavattāram
yam passe vajjadassinam
Niggayhavādim medhāvim
tādisam panditam bhaje
Tādisam bhajamānassa
seyyo hoti na pāpiyo
Should one see a wise man, who,
like a revealer of treasure,
points out faults and reproves;
let one associate with such a wise person;
it will be better, not worse,
for him who associates with such a one.
nidhīnam treasures

pavattāram points out, reveals

yam whatever

passe [ From passati ] see

vajja fault

vajjadassinam sees one’s fault

niggayhavādim one who reproves / advises

medhāvim intelligent, wise

tādisam such like, of such a quality

panditam (such a) wise one

bhaje associate with

bhajamānassa he who associates with

seyyo hoti it is better, excellent

na pāpiyo not worse

A wise teacher is like a revealer of treasures. Associating with him is indeed for our betterment.