Bāla Vagga (Fools)

Verse 69

Madhū’va maññati bālo
yāva pāpam na paccati
Yadā ca paccati pāpam
atha bālo dukkham nigacchati
As sweet as honey is an evil deed,
so thinks the fool so long as
it ripens not; but when it ripens,
he then comes to grief.
madhū honey

madhū’va [ Read as ‘madhuvā’ ]

maññati to think of

bālo fool

yāva so long as

pāpam evil, unwholesome

na does not

paccati ripen

yadā when

atha and then

dukkham suffering

nigacchati (he) experiences, comes to (feel)

A foolish man molested an Arahant bhikkhunī, and had to suffer a terrible death and hereafter.