Pandita Vagga (The Wise)

Verse 80

Udakam hi nayanti nettikā
usukārā namayanti tejanam
Dārum namayanti tacchakā
attānam damayanti panditā
Irrigators lead the waters;
fletchers bend the arrows;
carpenters bend the wood;
the wise control themselves.
udakam water

hi indeed, surely

nayanti lead, guide (the flow)

nettikā conduits used for irrigation; also, irrigators

usukārā fletchers, arrow-makers

namayanti bend

tejanam arrows

dārum wood

tacchakā carpenters

attānam themselves

damayanti discipline, control, restraint

panditā wise men

A young novice was out on alms-round and saw irrigators, arrow-makers and carpenters at work. He then aspired to also ‘do his work’ (as a monk) and soon attained Nibbāna.