Ratana Sutta

Verse 10

Sahāvassa dassana sampadāya
Tayassu dhammā jahitā bhavanti
Sakkāyaditthi vicikicchitañ ca
Sīlabbatam vāpi yadatthi kiñci
Catūhapāyehi ca vippamuto
Cha cābhithānāni abhabbo kātum
Idam pi sanghe ratanam panītam
Etena saccena suvatti hotu
Together with his attainment of insight,
three qualities have been abandoned (by him), namely:
wrong belief in selfhood, doubt and dependence on rites and ceremonies.
He is absolutely freed from the four states of misery,
and is incapable of commiting the six major wrong doings.
In the Sangha is this precious jewel found.
On account of this truth, may there be well-being!
Sahāva Together with

assa his (referring to a Sotāpanna)

dassana insight

sampadāya attainment (of)

tayassu three

dhammā [ plural ] states

jahitā abandoned

bhavanti are

sakkāyaditthi wrong view of ‘selfhood’

vicikicchitañ skeptical doubt

sīlabbatam (belief in) vows, religious rites, rituals

vāpi and also

yadatthi kiñci all, of whatever kind there are

catūhapāyehi from the four woeful states

vippamutto (he is) free from

cha six

ābhithānāni major wrong doings

abhabbo (ca) (and) is incapable of

kātum do, commit