Ratana Sutta

Verse 6

Ye puggalā attha satam pasatthā
Cattāri etāni yugāni honti
Te dakkhineyyā sugatassa sāvakā
Etesu dinnāni mahapphalāni
Idam pi sanghe ratanam panītam
Etena saccena suvatthi hotu
Those eight individuals constituting four pairs,
they are praised by those at peace.
They, worthy of offerings, are the disciples of the Enlightened One,
Gifts given to them yield abundant fruit.
In the Sangha is this precious jewel found.
On account of this truth, may there be well-being!.
Ye Whom [ an indefinite indication ]

puggalā persons

attha eight

satam those (who are) at peace (of mind)

pasatthā praised

Cattāri four

etāni honti which are

yugāni pairs

Te They (i.e. these four pairs or eight persons)

dakkhineyyā merit offerings

sugatassa the Blessed One’s

sāvakā disciples

Etesu whatever (gifts)

dinnāni given to (them)

mahapphalāni (reaps) great fruits

sanghe community (of Blessed One's disciples)