Ratana Sutta

Verse 11

Kiñcāpi so kammam karoti pāpakam
Kāyena vācā uda cetasā vā
Abhabbo so tassa paticchādāya
Abhabbatā ditthapadassa vuttā
Idam pi sanghe ratanam panītam
Etena saccena suvatthi hotu
He is incapable of hiding whatever evil
he does,
whether by deed, word or thought;
for it has been said that such an act is
impossible for one who has seen the Path.
In the Sangha is this precious jewel found.
On account of this truth, may there be well-being!
Kiñcāpi Whatever

so he

kammam deed

karoti do, commit

pāpakam evil, unwholesome

kāyena by body

vācā by speech

cetasā by mind (i.e. through thoughts)

abhabbo incapable

tassa that (evil deed)

paticchādāya hiding, concealing

abhabbatā this incapability (to conceal evil)

ditthapadassa one who has seen the Path

vuttā is said to be