Ratana Sutta

Verse 3

Yam kiñci vittam idha vā huram vā
Saggesu vā yam ratanam panītam
Na no samam atthi tathāgatena
Idam pi Buddhe ratanam panītam
Etena saccena suvatthi hotu
Whatever treasures there may be,
either here or in the world beyond,
or whatever precious jewels there are
in the heavens;
yet none is comparable to
the Enlightened One.
In the Buddha is this precious jewel found.
On account of this truth, may there be well-being!
Yam kiñci Whatever … is found

vittam prized, treasure, highly valued

idha (vā) here (or)

huram beyond

saggesu (vā) (or) in the heavens

ratanam jewels

panītam superior, supreme, best, rare

na no samam none (is) equal/comparable (to)

atthi is

tathāgatena the Perfect One, the Enlightened One

idam pi this

Buddhe Enlightened One

ratanam panītam supreme jewel (i.e. the Buddha)

etena saccena by this truth

suvatthi hotu may there be safety/happiness/well-being